Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips

Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips

April 9, 2016 Event Planning

When starting the wedding planning, there are some major topics you definitely need to consider that will help throughout the process. These guidelines are suited to any bride and will ease the first steps of this journey. You will see how focus you will become and will absolutely ENJOY every moment of it. You don’t have time to learn it all, so my advice is to follow this rules:

1. Have the first talk: Budget & Guest list

2. Decide who will be responsible for the wedding expenses

3. Define your vision (style, trends, colors, flowers, etc)

4. You need a wedding coordinator from the beginning

5. Venue Scouting

6. Connect with your vendors

7. Learn the art of compromise

8. You can’t make everyone happy

9. You can’t avoid changes, don’t stress

10. Always have fun with your fiancé

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